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At CYAA, you are part of a family. We don’t just give you your ball bag and roster and then forget about you.

Every coach attends a coaching clinic where the CYAA philosophy and values are discussed. Every coach is background checked and fingerprinted. Then we get into the nuts and bolts of the sport being covered.

We offer coaching materials, devotional materials, and make sure that every coach, from the first timer to the seasoned vet, is fully prepared to lead their team the CYAA way!

We support the coaches in their decisions, assuming the CYAA guidelines are being followed. The coach is the unquestioned leader of the team and represents the team with our “One Voice” policy.

Division Heads are there to support each coach with any questions or issues they may have. If it requires elevation, the Director of each sport is available to help. And if it still cannot be resolved, the Board of Directors and the league President is consulted for a decision.

Our “Decision Making Guidelines” and “The Order of Things” are critical reads for those interested in how we operate. You can read that and more in our Statement of Values.

We know that there are many sports leagues out there. We’ve coached in them. Our kids have played in them. The one thing we always hear is THANK GOODNESS there is a place to go where we don’t have to choose between compromising our beliefs and winning a game.

CYAA shows that it IS possible to teach Christ-Like Character, focus on sportsmanship, coach with a clean mouth, and yet still play to win! It is what makes us unique and we believe you and your family would like it if you tried it!

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