Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for All Sports

  1. CYAA has made changes to its age/grade requirements. We will accept applications for players from ages 4-14 regardless of what grade that player is in.

    Date cutoffs:

    August 1 for Football and Volleyball
    November 1 for Soccer
    February 1 for Basketball

    Players must be no older than 14 years old on the cutoff date to be eligible to play in that season.

    NOTE: Age cutoffs are used to determine eligibility to play for CYAA in general. Age cutoff dates are NOT used to determine which division the player will be placed. Placement will be based on age first and skill level second, and may vary from sport to sport or year to year as needed. The goal is to have balanced skills per division, not to make sure everybody who is the same age plays together.

  2. Ontario Christian High School is where we play Soccer, Football, and Volleyball. Basketball is played at Ontario High School. It is possible that a location or time may change, as in the case of a field being re-seeded or a gym being renovated. These things happen from time to time, but we do our best to provide the best experience for all of our CYAA participants. All games are played Saturday mornings from 8:00 until approximately 1:00 depending on the sport. Schedules are announced once teams are filled… no later than the coaching clinic.
  3. Ontario Christian and Ontario High School allow us to use their facilities, but CYAA is a separate entity. Do not expect the school faculty and staff to have answers to questions about our league.
  4. Practice locations and times are up to the coach of each team. This is not known or scheduled ahead of time. To have control over this, volunteer to coach!
  5. CYAA does not provide coaches. As a volunteer league, we rely on and encourage the families of our participants to step up and get involved!
  6. Approximately 30 days before the beginning of each season, there will be a coaching clinic to help explain our rules, what we are all about, to background check the coaches, and to hand out the equipment and rosters to each coach. After the clinic, coaches will begin calling players and run practices.
  7. There are 8 practices allowed before the first game of the season. After the start of the season, there is one practice per week until the end of the season. Recommended length of each practice is approximately 1.5 hours. Over two hours is not recommended.
  8. Coaches should prepare a devotion for each practice or have a spiritual coach help them. It does not have to be long, but the Word should be shared with the kids at each CYAA gathering (practices, pizza parties, games).
  9. We play in the rain. Only unsafe field conditions or lightning would cancel games.

Visit each sport’s page above for more specific information, or contact with any questions.