Still taking late sign ups for soccer. Opening day January 13th.  Season will continue for 8 weeks. 




CYAA has made changes to its age/grade requirements.  We will accept applications for players from ages 4-14 regardless of what grade that player is in.  

Date cutoffs:
August 1 for Football and Volleyball
November 1 for Soccer
February 1 for Basketball

Players must be no older than 14 years old on the cutoff date to be eligible to play in that season.

NOTE:  Age cutoffs are used to determine eligibility to play for CYAA in general.  Age cutoff dates are NOT used to determine which division the player will be placed.  Placement will be based on age first and skill level second, and may vary from sport to sport or year to year as needed.  The goal is to have balanced skills per division, not to make sure everybody who is the same age plays together.


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